Western & Southern / WEBN Fireworks

Western & Southern / WEBN Fireworks

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2024 Riverfest Vendor Application

Want to be a vendor at the 2024 Western & Southern WEBN Fireworks? Submit your application before 7/5/24 via this link! Details below:

2024 Riverfest Vendor Application Deadline to apply is Friday, July 5th, 2024 at 5pm EST.


For more than 40 years more than 2,500 boaters and 500,000 fans have filled the riverfront of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky to celebrate the official farewell to summer with Western & Southern/WEBN Riverfest and FIREWORKS! We are taking applications for food vendors for 2024’s event. These vendors will be in the heart of all the action – spanning from Public Landing to Yeatman’s Cove and Sawyer Point. For 2024, we are recruiting and searching for the most respected and admired vendors the city and region has to offer. Not only will you be in front of all of our attendees for this City-Wide Event, you will get added awareness through the Riverfest website. We have put together some general vendor information for you to review before submitting the online application. If you are selected as a vendor, more comprehensive materials will be provided with the contract.

Festival Dates and Times Sunday, September 1st from 12n to 9:45p.

Application Timeline Application Deadline: Monday, July 5 th at 5pm EST.

Vendor Notifications: Begin Monday, July 10th. All vendors will be notified of their status by Monday, July 28th.

Booth Fees and Completed Paperwork: 5 business days after being notified. You will forfeit your slot if you fail to do so. Payment will be paid online through eCheck or Credit Card.

Assigned Booth and Load-In Time: Wednesday, August 21st

Load-In: Per assigned time on August 29th – August 30th. Please note: if you can’t make your assigned load in time, you must notify us a minimum of 24 hours in advance. Failure to communicate could result in dismissal from the event with no refund or being assessed a late fee of up to $500.00. Load-Out: Per assigned time on Sunday, September 1st


Required items will include:

• Signed contract and payment-in-full

• Certificate of Insurance • Extra power requests and payment for these requests as needed

• Copy of your Mobile Health Permit/Temporary Health Permit

• Copy of your Temporary Fire Permit Application

• If your primary location is outside of Cincinnati, you will need a letter from an establishment in Cincinnati saying you can use their facility to prep food and a copy of their 2024 health permit.


Each vendor will be required to carry Commercial Liability Insurance provided by a Primary Commercial Liability or in combination with a Commercial Umbrella Liability policy in the minimum amount of $2,000,000 ($1,000,000 for non-food) for Bodily Injury or Property Damage Liability Combined. The following must be named additionally insureds (excluding Workers’ Compensation): The City of Cincinnati, Cincinnati Park Board, CEM Event MGMT LLC, CEM Event Staffing LLC, WEBN-FM and iHeartMedia + Entertainment, Inc. All insurance policies must include a “Waiver of Subrogation” endorsement in favor of all additional insured listed above. A copy of this policy must be submitted in order to load in.


Vendors will be required to adhere to the following regulations. During the event, each booth will be monitored for compliance.

• Plastic bags to a minimum and Styrofoam is prohibited.

• Serving containers and paper napkins must be compostable.

• Cups must be #1 recyclable or compostable.

• Focus on finger foods so cutlery is not needed. If you do use cutlery, it must be eco-friendly.

• Avoid condiments in packets and use squeezable bottles or ‘pumps’.

• Vendors must use non-toxic cleansers.

• We strongly encourage sourcing all supplies and food LOCALLY.

• Finally, please break down cardboard boxes and leave behind your booth so we can recycle.

Additional Rules and Regulations

• Riverfest is a rain or shine event and booth fees are not refundable.

• Food vendors, you must secure a proper health permit from the Cincinnati Health Department. Begin this process no later than 45-day before the festival. Vendors are responsible for health department approved flooring if applicable. If you fail to do so and you are not allowed to vend, you will not receive a refund.

• Food vendors, you must secure a temporary cooking operation permit from the Cincinnati Fire Department. Begin this process no later than 30-days before the festival. If you fail to do so and you are not allowed to vend, you will not receive a refund.

• Booth space may not be subleased or combined with a business other than the company doingbusiness-as (DBA) named on the application and contract. This includes other operating business owned under the same corporation operating under a different DBA.

• Distribution of stickers is prohibited.

• Vendors are responsible for breaking down clean cardboard boxes and stacking them behind their booth for removal.

• No soliciting of festival patrons by use of bull horns, oral solicitation, customer incentives or perceived added value in exchange for business. This behavior is grounds for immediate dismissal and you will not receive a refund.

• No motorized vehicles are permitted during event hours. We recommend using dollies, carts, etc. If pre-arranged, vendors may be able to leverage festival golf carts.

• Overnight security is provided, but Riverfest is not liable for theft or damage to equipment and/or inventory when vendor booths are not attended by vendor staff.

• Staff credentials are non-transferable and are to be used by working staff only.

Product Guidelines and Limitations

Vendors can only sell what has been approved by the festival. The other side of this is vendors cannot give away any item. So food vendors can’t give away merch (t-shirts, hats, etc.) and merch vendors can’t give away food and water. If there is an item that we cannot permit, we will notify you before you sign the contract and pay your fees. Vendors may not sell any beverages unless approved with your application and specified in your contract. If approved to sell non-alcoholic, fresh coffee, tea, juices, smoothies, etc., beverages must be served in a cup. Vendors may not sell any item with the Western&Southern/WEBN Riverfest Logo. Additionally, vendors may not sell any item with the name or image of any act performing at the festival. Drug paraphernalia, tobacco products, weapons or studded jewelry of any kind is also prohibited.

Food Vendors

Vendors will be allowed to offer 3-5 individually priced and unique items. Food items should allow for quick preparation in order to accommodate the large crowds. The festival’s goal is great food and service at a reasonable price.

• Rolled roofing must be placed under all food booths. In addition, plywood and roll roofing must be placed under all grills, cooking equipment and grease/gray water containers.

• Vendors are responsible for transporting grease, coals, and grey water to the pre-determined disposal site.

• Cleaning of cooking equipment is to be done off site.

• Cooking vendors must provide their own fire extinguisher approved by the Fire Department.

Space Types, Sizes, and Fees

• 10’x10’ Space or Cart: $600.00*

• Food Truck: $700.00*

• 10’x20’ Space: $1,200.00*

• 20’x20’ Space: $2,500.00*

Fee includes festival booth (no side walls), (2) counter/table, two (2) chairs, lighting, one (1) 110V 20-amp circuit (upgraded tent and/or additional power is an additional fee) and garbage receptacle. As stated earlier, the festival will assign booth locations.

Fee also includes one (1) parking space. This can be used for transporting staff or storage of goods. There is a load-in area that can be used to bring in product throughout the day.

*Vendors who are in the frozen treat category (Ice Cream, Shaved Ice, Smoothies, Frozen ANYTHING) will not be required to pay a vendor fee. The locations are available with a 30% revenue share off your Gross Sales. Any items needed that the festival will provide (ex a tent, additional electric, etc) will be billed to the vendor at cost.

Please note that mobile trucks cannot leave event ground until given the go ahead on Sunday evening.

Booth Support

The festival will have ice available throughout the day. Please let us know if you need a large amount of ice – say more than 200lbs. You can not arrange for your own delivery to the event site.

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