Axl and ACDC

Axl Rose has been filling in for AC/DC singer Brian Johnson during the band’s tour and if the Guns N’ Roses singer gets his way, he’ll be part of the group after the trek too.

Guitarist Angus Young told a German website, “We were committed to finishing this tour, so that’s been our main goal, and Axl’s helping us. I know he’s very excited. He keeps saying can he do more. But we don’t really know at the end how we will [proceed]. But we wanna get [through] this tour, which we were committed to doing. We wanna finish it.” 

Johnson bowed out of the tour after being diagnosed with ear issues that could render him deaf if he stayed on stage. Axl hasn’t been without his own medical problems – he injured his foot playing with GN’R and has been performing with AC/DC in a throne. 

Nonetheless, bassist Cliff Williams has been impressed. He said, “[Axl has] done a fabulous job, and he’s almost out of his chair now. He’s mobile and he’s enjoying himself. It’s been really good.”

AC/DC’s tour wraps in Germany on June 15th.