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WEBN - 10/02/2023

WEBN - 09/29/2023

09/29/2023 - KC left JellyRoll to watch The Golden Bachelor - Segman is PISSED over tech issues - Tribute to Andrew Dice Clay for his Birthday - KC’s old pal Howard Eskin from Philly calls in to talk about Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s love affair and Joe Burrow - JellyRoll won a Country Music award while on stage in Cincy last night - Other radio stations and callers call in to pay homage to the morning Mayor.

WEBN - 09/28/2023

09/28/2023 - John Matarese updates us on SCAMS and how AIRBNB is changing - Sara has taken over the show calendar for her beauty appointments - Good TV tonight BUT there is a ton of going in - Matt Mangine talks about his Son who died after collapsing on the soccer field and we chat about this great organization ( - Guy tries to get into the Phillies game with an emotional support alligator - The OWNER of “Wally” the gator calls in!

09/27/2023 - Storm Trooper Helmet

09/27/2023 - Dumb show has me busier than ever and I explain. Taking your calls. Nadina meets creepy Blake. NSFW

WEBN - 09/27/2023

09/27/2023 - Local school closed because of ANOTHER threat - This Taylor Swift/Travis Kelce thing is outta control - Caller wants Sara on ONLY FANS - Stuart W Penrose answers your legal questions

WEBN - 09/26/2023

09/26/2023 - Monday night football aftermath and Sara isnt feeling well - Life IS wrestling according to KC - A guy made a commotion outside a restaurant when KC was leaving - Drunk Beth checks in about her Cancer - Alex Trebeck bloopers and cursing videos - One of KC’s old bosses checks in - Sara almost killed herself, husband, and dog.

WEBN - 09/25/2023

09/25/2023 - People are excited for Monday Night Football - The big sports news is that Taylor Swift was at the KC sad is that - Sara interviewed the people at the Cincinnati Comic Expo - Super Bowl halftime show (on paper) is weak.

WEBN - 09/21/2023

09/21/2023 - John Matarese is updating us on the scams - The Segman got a flat tire and couldn’t come into work - The government is giving out free money again - 49 years old and still using “Kidd”

09/20/2023 - Against the Wind

09/20/2023 - New toys - 11yrs in Cincy! - Guy calls in with a divorce win! - uncensored AOL prank calls - Jimmy wants to talk about “Plasma Princess”

WEBN - 09/20/2023

09/20/2023 - Bomb threat on the bridge.. AGAIN - Sara’s husband is flipping out over his fantasy football team - Angry Rodney is PISSED at the police - Can I Sue with Stuart W. Penrose