UFO Footage Shot Off San Diego Coast Shows Objects Swarming Navy Warships

Photo: Getty Images

An investigative filmmaker has footage from July 2019 of unidentified flying objects off the San Diego Coast, reports CBS8.

“They were swarmed by UFOs," filmmaker Jeremy Corbell told CBS8. "We’re talking nine ships over two sets of days in July 2019 just off the coast of San Diego.” 

The videos Corbell obtained and released show radar images recorded by Navy personnel and according to CBS8, the Pentagon has confirmed their authenticity.

“These are machines of unknown origin swarming our Navy warships, flying with impunity in our restricted air space off the coast of San Diego,” said Corbell. “This is a big deal.”

In the footage, you can see an object rapidly flying over the ocean at night before it slowly descends into the water.

“The people on the USS Omaha, you can hear them in shock,” said Corbell. “What flies through the air, then enters the water? These machines are so advanced, they can penetrate water and keep on going.”

When a submarine was sent out to find the UFO, they were unable to find any wreckage.

"Over 100 UFO cases, unidentified objects that display propulsion [and] outpaces, outmaneuvers, outperforms our warships and fighter planes," said Corbell. "This is an exciting time for UFO transparency. UFOs are real. They represent advanced, beyond next-generation technology that we do not have.” 

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