People In Ohio Get This Tattoo More Than Anything Else

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There’s a story behind every tattoo… and some tattoo ideas are more common in some states than others.

Zippia is a career expert hub, and its researchers sought the most common tattoos in each state in light of ink becoming more widely-acceptable in workplaces.

According to Zippia:

One-third of companies are perfectly fine with visible tattoos. Others exist in a grey area where a small tattoo wouldn’t sway them from their ideal candidate.”

Zippia used a full year’s worth of Google Trends data to help determine which tattoo each state gravitates to the most:

"Google searches are a great way to learn more about people, because it’s become one of the main ways people do research. In fact, people use it for everything from asking why the sky is blue to figuring out what to get permanently inked on their body.”

So, which idea is most common in Ohio?

Whale Tattoos.

Other states were also on board with the animal theme. Some opted for cat tattoos or pink elephant tattoos.

In other states, people leaned toward presidential candidates, Disney-inspired tattoos, or family-oriented ideas like kid’s names and wedding bands. One state even wanted fake tattoos.

Find the full list from Zippia here.

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