Chicago PD Investigates Viral Video Of 3 Women Twerking On Moving Cop Car

Chicago police have launched an investigation after video surfaced of three women twerking on a patrol car.

The cell-phone video focuses on the three women, shown twerking on the hood and on the roof of a Chicago Police Department vehicle as it moves down the street, surrounded by crowds of people. The now-viral video was posted to YouTube.

It wasn’t immediately clear where or when the video was recorded, CBS Chicago reports.

"The Chicago Police Department is aware of a video that surfaced on social media showing several females riding on a marked squad car," Deputy Director Tom Ahern said in a statement. He noted to Fox 32 that the agency is investigating the incident and the investigation remains ongoing as of Monday (June 7).

See the video here:

The Chicago incident isn’t the first time women have twerked on a cop car. It happened in Miami Beach, for example, when Spring Breakers swarmed the area. Multiple officers were injured while responding to calls in March, according to the Miami Beach Police Department.

“Several subjects have been detained,” Miami Beach Police Department officer and spokesman Ernesto Rodriguez said at the time. “Two officers were injured and have been transported to the hospital.”

Photo: Getty Images