Ohio Is Home To Some Of The Best Pizza In The U.S.

Ohio is home to some of the best pizza in the U.S.

That might not be news to Ohioans who have favorite pizza places in the Buckeye State, but Food & Wine pinpointed the best pizza in every state and broke down the Top 10.

Ohio has some of the best pizza in the country, the ranking shows.

Here’s how Food & Wine found the best pizzas in America:

“How did we make this list? While there was a certain amount of collaboration, in the end, most of the tasting fell to me, a native New Yorker with decades of experience eating pizza all across the country. I've lived everywhere from Chicago to Los Angeles to Seattle to New England, and over time I've learned that I have no specific style preference. The kind of pizza I like best is pizza, and I will try all of it, at least once.”

So, where does Ohio make the list?

Ohio comes in at No. 9.

Specifically, one of the pizzas that helped Ohio earn its ranking because of Geraci’s Restaurant, a Cleveland-area restaurant with multiple locations that Food & Wine highlighted.

These are the Top 10 states with the best pizza, according to Food & Wine:

  1. New Jersey
  2. Connecticut
  3. New York
  4. Illinois
  5. Michigan
  6. California
  7. Pennsylvania
  8. Massachussetts
  9. Ohio
  10. Missouri

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