Ohio Woman Throws Punches And Bites People When Asked To Wear Mask In Store

Officials say that a woman attacked a Clifton Market employee and a customer — including by punching and biting them — because she refused to wear a mask.

Christina Carpenter, 38, is now facing assault charges.

She wasn’t wearing a mask when she was about to check out at the Cincinnati grocery store. The store’s Marketing Manager, Garrett Meadows, said staff asked her to put on a mask and she allegedly assaulted a manager and another customer.

“I’ve been working here for three years,” Meadows told Fox 19 Now, “and that is the craziest thing I have seen…I kindly asked her to wear a mask, and she started screaming from the get go. We don’t know if it was a mental health issue or what, but, like, there was something going on.”

He explained that Carpenter also tried lighting a cigarette. Meadows and other managers asked her not to light it, and then Carpenter apparently started throwing punches at the manager at the register. She allegedly punched three others — one of whom lost a tooth — and bit a nearby customer who helped pin her down. Meadows had to get first aid for the customer who got bit, he said to Fox 19 Now.

Booking information shows that Carpenter is facing four counts of assault and is due to appear in court on Wednesday (April 21).

Photo: Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office