( Cincinnati ) - Hamilton County's two republican commissioners sent a letter to the Executive Director of the Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana Regional Council of Governments (OKI) on Wednesday, asking that $4 million in funding for the Cincinnati streetcar project be pulled.

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Commissioner (and former Cincinnati City Councilman) Chris Monzel says he doesn't feel that the business plan for the streetcar is viable, "when we're talking about laying off police officers and firefighters, which I know is separate budgets... [but] at the end of the day, if they're going to have to go into the general fund to help pay for this, there's not money there right now to do that."

Cincinnati City Councilwoman Laure Quinlivan was not happy to learn about that letter, "It is so ironic that the people who have the huge deficit with their stadium dare to cast stones at our project. I think they should worry about their own mess." Quinlivan points out that John Deatrick is running the streetcar project, and that he "did The Banks, which just won an award." Quinlivan says that city/county projects like The Banks have been very successful, and she feels Wednesday's letter was politically motivated.

City leaders are trying to find an extra $17 million in streetcar funding because construction bids came in higher than expected.

Democratic Commissioner Todd Portune did not sign the letter, citing a conflict of interest because he's the president of OKI.