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Kimmy called into the KiddChris Show today to talk about how she manages 

Addison's Disease, Lupus and Psoriasis's. 

You can see how she does it by visiting her website

A question or comment I probably most often get is “Why are you taking all of these medications? Your illness can be cured by, have you tried.. (insert magical cure here - paleo diet, vegan diet, keto diet, gluten free diet, low fodmap diet, water fasting, meditation, more exercise, parasites, supplements, probiotics, therapy, fasting, acupuncture, healing mushrooms, etc., etc.” You get the idea. The list goes ON. . The truth is there are many ways people find relief and improvement in trying to better manage their autoimmune diseases. But, there is sadly NO “CURE” for these illnesses. And each person is unique as to what helps them manage their symptoms best. . Some people may be able to eventually use solely lifestyle changes to manage their disease, some may be on pharmaceuticals for the rest of their lives. Many people find a happy medium between the two. . It can be frustrating when people with little knowledge ignorantly diminish the complexity of living with illness by suggesting that the answer is simple, that someone is choosing to be sick by not “curing” themselves. Our bodies are complex beings, there is no easy answer. . At several points in my life, pharmaceuticals have saved my life. In 2008, I suffered from an adrenal crisis that left me bad shape. In 2016, my kidneys were starting to shut down. It’s not without saying that drugs don’t have their side effects and tolls on the body, but to simply stop taking my medication would put me in danger. . I’m in a good place with the treatment plan I’ve created for myself and with my doctors. I use a small amount of pharmaceutical drugs, supplements, diet and lifestyle changes, acupuncture and natural pain management to live comfortably despite living with 4 chronic illnesses. This plan took a lot of time and patience to get to, and it’s made exactly for me. I wouldn’t expect it to be successful for every people living with what I live with. . For those living with illness, I pray you find what works for you. For those who don’t, the next time you hear about a friend struggling with illness, listen with compassion for what they carry instead of offering a solution. They’ve probably already heard of it

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hi 👋 my name is Kimmy and I’m the blogger behind The Salty Spoon, a place where I share recipes, experience and inspiration to accompany others toward a joyful, healthy and fulfilling life 🌿 After struggling with autoimmune diseases for years, embracing a wellness-inspired lifestyle has been the key 🔑 to a healthier & happier life. thanks for following the journey - link for the website is in bio!

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heart opening poses in yoga are known to release emotions and expose your heart, sometimes leaving you with emotional discomfort. . the past month has felt like a very long heart opening pose for me. emotions I didn’t even know I had have been released to me and things I didn’t know I had in my heart have been exposed. And I’ve been left with a whirlwind of emotions - of inadequacy, doubt, worry, depression, anxiety, jealousy and pain. I feel that I’m in a weird place in my life - where I deeply miss what came before and have no idea what’s next. I’m trying to take these emotions one day at a time. . The good thing about opening up your heart is that it can give us the courage to confront the emotions that haunt us.

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