Boston Dynamics Robots Can Now Dance And It's Terrifying!

The robots created by Boston Dynamics are now capable of dancing and it's terrifying.

The Waltham, Massachusetts-based robotics company shared a video on Tuesday (December 30) of its acrobatic robots dancing to the Motown classic 'Do You Love Me' by The Contours.

The video begins with one lone Atlas Boston Dynamics robot slowly moving along to the song's spoken introduction before dancing and shaking to the song and eventually being joined by another Atlas and Spot robot.

The trio of machines accurately "mashed potato" and "do the twist" along with the song's lyrics before being joined by a fourth robot, Handle, a mobile grabber built to move boxes in warehouses, that rolls in to make it a foursome.

The robots have plenty of impressive dance moves, including the Atlas balancing on one foot and kicking both kegs in the air, the Spot showcasing ballerina-like skills and Handle showing off its long and flexible neck.

The company has shared videos over the years showcasing its robots' mechanical athleticism, which have gone viral due to viewers being both impressed and frightened at how many humanlike attributes the robots have.

The latest video shows how how far the robots have evolved, specifically the newer version of Atlas, which had much clunkier moves when showcased nearly five years ago.

Photo: Getty Images