Dinosaur-Sized Alligator Filmed Walking Across A Florida Golf Course

Seeing is truly believing, especially when it comes to dinosaur-sized alligators.

Per the Naples Daily News, a huge gator was spotted on Wednesday (November 11) casually strolling across the 17th hole at the Valencia Golf & Country Club. In a viral clip, which was shared by club professional Jeff Jones, the gator is seen walking into water with its thick tail wagging from behind as the rain comes in from tropical storm Eta.

While some questioned the legitimacy of the viral footage, Tyler Stolting, the first assistant golf professional at Valencia Golf and Country Club, confirmed the creature was legit. "Yep, it's real," he said on Thursday morning, per the Tampa Bay Times, adding that he saw the gator around 2 PM as he was driving by in a golf cart. "Once I got closer it definitely was a shock."

Despite its massive size, Stolting said he didn't call the authorities or the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for help and simply let the gator head into the water. Scroll on below to see the reactions to Valencia Golf & Country Club's neighboring gator!

Photo: Getty Images

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