Mick Jagger's ‘How To Quarantine’ Clip Tackles Chores, Herding Sheep & More

The Rollings Stones' Mick Jagger teamed up with The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon for an old-timey spoof quarantine PSA that'll be sure to make you smile.

Jagger posted the clip —which was made to benefit Save the Children — to his Twitter while Fallon's team uploaded it to YouTube on Tuesday (May 5). As you'll see in the clip, the newsreel video is a take on news clips that would be played before movies in the early days of cinema. 

Instead of being the international rock icon he is, Jagger took on the role of the everyman and partook in a variety of activities around his home. “Look at this fellow, not a care in the world!” the narrator said as Jagger played his guitar. “Hey, you there! Yes, you! What do you think you’re doing?” He was then promptly told to go “do something useful.”

You'll then see the 76-year-old finish up some chores such as hammering nails, gardening, herding sheep, and pruning roses. Overall, it's the much-needed light-hearted video we all could use right now as well as a fun look into the singer's comedic side.

Jagger even breaks a sweat doing some jumping jacks after his smoke break was cut short. Finally, he was able to rest with his cat and read his newspaper. 

The Rolling Stones frontman and his band haven't spent their quarantine just hanging around. In April, they released a new song called “Living in a Ghost Town.” Plus, to keep fans busy during quarantine, they also recently released the six-week long 'Extra Licks' Streaming Concert Series.  

Photo: Getty Images