The Metallica Blacklist - Nudge's Favorites

MY FAVORITE take away from this album is Cage the Elephants haunting take on "The Unforgiven." Hands down best track I've heard on the covers album.

I really enjoyed Ghost's take on Enter Sandman from a European Show with members of Candlesmass much more than this version. It's eerie and Tobias, excuse me Papa 5, is much too crispy with his enunciations for me. The band sounds amazing and the song's worth a listen.

Corey Taylor brings a Stone Sour vibe on Holier Than Thou and wraps up the song with a jam out of Whiplash

Another surprise favorite off this is a big sounding, epic film version of funkiness that blends two songs together super well making it seem like one big super song.

Here's a great take on god that failed.. at first i thought i was gonna skip it, then i got sucked in.. Imelda is one artist I'm defiantly going to take a dive into her catalog as I'm not familiar with her at all.

Taking Metallica and infusing the work into the pop world.

It's so odd to hear Metallica w/ a country twang, almost as if Larry the Cable Guy is impersonating James. Having a violen playing many of Kirk's guitar parts is real interesting. The solo section is insanely rewarding to listen to and the band goes HARD. I love this country rock take on Wherever I May Roam

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