Kids from the O'Keefe Music Foundation Record "Walk" Cover

The young students from the O'Keefe Music Foundation school are back at it again, this time recording Pantera's "WALK" along w/ filming a music video for the track. These kids are amazingly talented and this school is an absolutely positive movement here in Cincinnati. If you have a talented youngster w/ a passion for music, make sure to check into this school!

The O’Keefe Music Foundation provides children with the opportunity to professionally record their music for free. Whether in a grand concert hall, a top notch recording studio or in a cobblestone alleyway, our team strives to capture inspired performances from children around the world.

To learn more about the O'Keefe Music Foundation and to donate so our youth continue to have these amazing opportunities, please click this link. GO HERE FOR THE KIDS. Go subscribe to the O'Keefe Music Foundation's Youtube Channel and check out more great works from the ROCK'N YOUTH OF CINCY!

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