A Rockin' Cincy Spring & Summer Concert Guide

WOW, there seems to be an endless amount of concerts coming our way over the next several months.  I am a huge concert junkie and yet I feel like I'm going into an overdose with each new announcement.  As I write this we just announced Breaking Benjamin and Five Finger Death Punch for a Tuesday night show at Riverbend in August.  I asked Shroom, "do you think this is too much, even for us who get free tickets to several shows."  He replied he is overjoyed at all these weeknight shows where he gets to go and broadcast live.  Basically each night of the week there's a big concert at Riverbend Shroom gets his front row parking pass, pitt ticket and gets paid to ROCK HARD LIVE on WEBN.   Lucky dude, I get to sit in my personal studio and work on commercials and then RUSH to the show not to miss the opening bands.

Anyway, let's go through a lot of these shows.  I won't be able to cover them all especially as more seem added everyday.  What I have done is included the date, venue and price of all shows.  As an added bonus, If you click on the photos I've provided a direct link to that specific show on ticketmaster.   No wasted time looking up the shows, just click and purchase!

Also don't forget to go to our contest page as most of these shows we've got tickets for you to win.  That way you can spend your hard earned dollars on cold frosty drinks!  

May 4th

$29 - $103

Friday May 5th @ Taft

$33.50 - $291

I gotta say seeing GHOST live is a must for any Black Sabbath fan.  I've seen this band 4 times and this time around Papa and The Nameless Ghouls promise to bring an even bigger stage show with them on this tour.  


Monday 6/4 @ Riverbend

$41.50 - $699+

It was a sad day when Slayer officially announced they were hanging it up, announcing a final farewell world tour.  Now we know these days when a band says goodbye, it usually doesn't stick.  Unfortunately for Slayer they suffered the loss of their original lead guitarist Jeff Hanneman and since just haven't felt the same.  There's been a lot of tension between band members in the news and of course the band firing original drummer Dave Lombardo didn't help either.  But we get to say a final farewell to the band with an evening STACKED with bands, including the return of LAMB OF GOD to Cincy.

$15 - $181+

Thursday June 7th @ Riverbend

$85.00 - $115.00

Sunday June 10th @ Riverbend

$15 - $322

Primus & Mastadon @ PNC Tuesday 6/12

$20 - $250+
$21 - $346

Tuesday June 26th @ Riverbend

$8 - $1000+

Friday 7/6 @ Riverbend

$16 - $219

Saturday 7/14 @ Riverbend

Evanescence + Lindsey Stirling

$15 - $395+

Thursday 7/19 @ Riverbend

$22 - $47

Saturday 8/4 @ Riverbend

$18 - $399
@26 - $971

Tuesday August 28th @ Riverbend

$26 - $96

Tuesday 9/4 @ Taft The ONE and ONLY Alice Cooper

$48.50 - $69.50

Now that is a crazy list of concerts and it seems the calendar still has plenty of dates which will get filled in with super shows.   As you see with Metallica I linked you up to our contest page where you can win you not only a seat into the show, but you go into the running for the grand prize where we're sending you and a buddy backstage to hang with the Four Horsemen.  I recommend you go to our contest page and sign up for all these great shows this summer.  You win, you can spend the money on Beer!




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