Man to say Cornell had an impact on my life is an understatement.  I've been in some really dark places and thanks to the lyrics and energy from songs like "Show Me How To Live" "Fell on Black Days" "Down on the Upside" "Black Hole Sun" "I Am The Highway" and so many more I'm still here.  I've been to that edge, stared into nothingness and asked myself if it was time.  If you need help, PLEASE reach out to someone you love.  There are numbers and people to help you.

CINCINNATI Crisis Care Center

24 hours / 7 days

(513) 281-CARE (2273)




Jd Bone "All my friends are brown and red. - they beat the ryhthm with their bones. - Chris Cornell. What a terrible day."

Bernard Griess "Of course Soundgarden had an effect on me as a young guitar player. Thayil's riffs were so damn heavy. But it was in combination with Cornell's soulful, beautiful, gut wrenching vocals that really sold them to me. And I was never all in on the whole "Grunge" thing. They transcended all that. Throw in Temple of the Dog, Audioslave, and his solo work....just an incredible loss."

Ëmìly Sëtsë r In my opinion, one of the best voices in rock. Loved him. So sad..."

David Scott Lessing "I always tell people there are two singers that helped inspire me to develop my "rock voice", Scott Weiland and Chris Cornell. Now, they're both gone. Hate seeing so many talented people from my youth pass on. Say hello to heaven!"

Ryan Paul Wilson "He sang this with such conviction and heart!"

Ray Vitatoe "One of the best male vocalists ever... He not only had arrange that was seldom matched, but the "soul" he injected into his performance is what made him a legend."

Christianna Kreimer "I grew up listening to soundgarden and audioslave. I love The day I tried to live. So much meaning and beautiful vocals mixed with its half-step riffs. "

Thomas Cheek "Thank you for the music. They still play his music on the radio for a reason, fortunate a young cat like me got to discover his music."

Grant Knowles "She lived like a murder How she'd fly so sweetly She lived like a murder But she died just like suicide"This was written after Chris saw a bird fly into a window and broke its neck."

Joshua Sutton "I think it took the power of Chris Cornell's voice to reign in the musical fury and give direction to the members of Rage Against the Machine after Zach left. The Machine then became a monster."

Bill Edgington "Soundgarden was the only Seattle band I was never bitter towards for practically ending the rock/metal era that I loved."

Rob Rom "Huge inspiration to me and my buddies in static tension, he will be sorely missed"

C Michael Oakley "The first time I heard his voice I was like damn, that guy has the voice of rock and roll"

Doug Guod "Chris Cornell basically taught me how to sing without even knowing it! He was the one voice that just blew everyone else out of the water with his power and range. I wanted to be that guy and I would be screaming at the top of my lungs trying to hit all those notes with him. Eventually I learned you don't actually have to scream your head off to be effective in the high register, but I could never quite master that art form the way he did. I got to see him on Soundgarden's first reunion tour in Chicago in 2012. I will never forget the vocal clinic he put on for us there. It was legendary. It almost made me want to quit cuz he was just sooo damn good. Almost. Instead it inspired me to work harder and write more songs from the heart. The world is a darker place without him. We have all truly Fell On Black Days. I'm sure that he would want us to move forward and remember him as the musical genius that he was. One of the best songwriters, vocalists, lyricists and performers in rock history and an all around beautiful human being. RIP"

Don Miller "Last year I had the opportunity to cover the Soundgarden tune Jesus Christ Pose with my brothers in Red Beast at the Headbangers Ball show at the Southgate House Revival. I always loved that tune and never had opportunity to cover any Soundgarden in a live situation. Having seen them play this tune several times I was a bit worried about getting out of synch with the beat. We didnt crash and burn. RIP Chris. "One More Time Around Might Do It."

Chuck Mattingly 

"It such a shame man about Chris Cornell!  I've been a life long fan of Soundgarden and Chris Cornell. I remember listening to them on the radio and with my two older brothers who were teens in the 90's. I grew up loving the energy, the sound, and all that was, Soundgarden. I remember the impact of them breaking up in 1997 and being only 10! 


I also remember when I was younger, I was the only kid listening to hard rock or rock in general and made the comment "I love Soundgarden!" to a group of kids my age.  One snottily replied back, "Don't you mean SAVAGE GARDEN?" I looked on in disgust...

...Fast forward 5,6 years in my high school years in the early 2000's I grew to love and APPRECIATE Chris Cornell (and Soundgarden) even more with the formation of Audioslave.  I vividly remember (and often tell ad nausea haha!) the story of how I got my Super Unknown shirt. A classmate was walking by with a bag of shirts. I aksed "Hey man whats in the bag?" He sad ""Eh, just a bag of old t-shirts I'm gonna use for rags in shop class."  I love t shirts so I asked if I could rummage through and I found a Super Unknown one. Long story short, along with a few choice words, I bought it off of him with that weeks lunch money.

In short, its a damn shame Chris Cornell passed this past evening. May he rest in peace, and PLEASE if anyone out there is feeling down and out don't blow up the outside world; talk to someone, get help."

Andy Smith "Chris ruled my 1993 Summer. I listened to Superunknown daily. Fresh tendrils and the title track were faves. Johnny Cash doing Rusty Cage was awesome and I still love it. It made me discover Johnny Cash. Temple of the Dog "Say Hello Tom a Heaven" has been in my head all day. I feel like I lost my favorite cousin."

Mike Conley Jr. "Chris Cornell...nuff said"

Jeremy Neal "It was the mid ninety's I was riding with my mom on Halloween trick or treating. Soundgarden - Fell on black days came on the radio. WEBN to be exact. She said "This song sounds kind of spooky, it's perfect for Halloween! " As the intro to the song began to play. I'll never forget this moment. When I realized the power of music."

Tim O'Sullivan "Keep it off my wave! To me that song was basically a if it doesnt involve me idgaf and dont wanna hear about it. It has always been one of my favs"




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