Happy Easter WEEKEND, celebrate with friends, family & local rock!  This week is an ALL REQUEST edition of Native Noise.  If you are my friend on Facebook you had a chance to chime in and tell me what should be played on the show.  If you're not my friend on Facebook, search "NUDGE" and you'll find the one true fat nudge and we can hook up.  













Young Will Stone is the man, myth and legend. I will always create and record music. Now in the live setting it couldn't happen without the band. Currently I'm teamed up with none other than Chuck Day playing drums and backing vocals and Bill Robinson playing bass guitar with backing vocals. They are both phenomenal musicians and I'm stoked to join together with them and have them on board.  In the studio on the debut album, which features the song the WEBN is playing, I did almost all of the recording. A few spots were guest performances like trumpets, saxophones, turntables, other flavors. The recording turned out well. I recorded it myself because I work as a recording engineer for bands. If anyone wants to work together to record they can give me a shot. But, I sent it off to be mastered to Joel Evenden who has worked on huge albums with Eric Clapton, B.B. King and others, so that was awesome. The album ended up getting featured in an article in Jamsphere Independent Music Magazine. So for our first release not bad at all. But in the live setting I am tweaking and adjusting my own part over time from what it was when tracked on the album. Everyone is free to play it like it was tracked or make it your own and do your own thing.I suppose it's not much different than what you'd find in bands like the Jimi Hendrix Experience, Bob Marley and the Wailers or Lenny Kravitz. I joke around and call ourselves Young Will Stone and the Chosen Ones in a live setting. I think lots of bands have one member who writes most of the material. On the brand new songs the guys have had free reign to create their parts, they are the first ones to put their instrument to the song. I am always open to suggestions, if it be lyrics, arrangement, whatever. When those ideas make the cut I give credit where due. Sometimes I make suggestions and they don't work out. Ultimately I make the call and you just have to have faith in the decision maker and not get attached to an idea because it's yours. We've had different members and they've all been enthusiastic to jump in on the material, add their own bit of flavor and have fun with it. It's been really great adding people to the team in all areas, not just musicians but in web, promotion, other areas and working with people with talents to team up and do great things together. It's just all about adding in a positive way.

Reading your profile you are a jack of all trades when it comes to instruments, when you are in the mood to just jam out which instrument do you tend to grab more often?

When I'm by myself, jamming on a mountain top playing for the audience of eagles that like to soar around, I usually grab my acoustic guitar because it's the easiest to pick up and sing with. Sometimes I'll grab my bass, sometimes an electric if I want to use different effects. Not usually a trombone or drums or anything. Haha. I feel like the acoustic is my biggest song writing tool, which is what I do a lot of by myself. Just free-styling or picking up an instrument to get out something that's in my head. 

Is there an instrument you haven't learned but you really want to master?

One instrument I don't know how to play that'd I'd really love to learn would be electric organ/piano because it's so versatile and I love the sound. That and trumpet because trumpets are triumphant. I own both just haven't spent the time on them. I feel like I have many years left to get into more exploring with them.

Are you a self taught musician or do you take lessons for all the different instruments you play?

I'm a little bit of both self taught and trained musician. I studied music in high school and then also in college. I minored in music in college because it was such a passion to me. I majored in audio production. I played trombone there and took a good bit of music theory classes. If you learn music theory you can apply it to about anything. You're just learning how that instrument functions and the mechanics of it. Guitar I've mostly been self taught, just listening and learning other artists songs. I would love to take lessons from musicians that I am blown away by. I think as I generate more funds I will do that more. I'm always looking for teachers on Youtube and looking for DVD series. There's always more to learn. If you want to be on top of your game you have to keep growing. If anyone out there has a chance to have someone pay for you to take lessons or learn from someone for free or able to buy lessons yourself I would highly encourage it because it is such a great thing to be able to do.

I see you do a lot of shows, what's your favorite type of shows to play?  Do you do a lot of spring / summer festivals around town?

Our favorite shows to play are either festivals or unique venues with a lot of character and close to fans. Festivals are so fun because we're able to hang out with people from the crowd all weekend and we love to play outdoor venues. Recently we played at a fest, myself and friends camped out for the whole weekend event. We hung out with everyone there Friday, all Saturday and then we played the prime spot of the show Saturday night. We had the biggest crowd when we played, all our new found friends over the weekend were like "Woah, I didn't know you were playing the headlining spot at this fest! That's Will. We hung out with you all weekend!" So many bands seem like they just show up and play the show and disappear. I love meeting people, showing love and kindness to people, having awesome times joking around and hanging out. Other places are grungy rock venues with character. I like to be right there close to the crowd, sweating it out with people dancing and having fun. We look forward to doing more of both

 We're talking with a connection Joe Thomas on doing some shows in a tour series focused with Hope over Heroin and making a difference. I think that's a great issue we can tackle here in our area and bring people together with music. Also will be working on a music video, so looking forward to that. Our next album in the works right now. People can come out to see us at our next show at The Underground April 28th. We'll be live on The Late Show with Corey Phillips May 24th, fans can tune in on the Facebook Broadcast. We're looking forward to meeting lots of new people, seeing familiar faces and jamming a lot of shows this summer. Fans can visit or visit our Facebook page for tunes and more info!



Live ON Short Vine 2017! Tons of local bands playing at Mio’s, Hangover Easy, Ladder 19 & Taste of Belgium 5pm till late in the evening - Life Brother / The Grove / One Day Steady / Lie Lack / Watchfrogs & a ton more!

Dear Agony @ Old Crow Bar w/ live wrestling

The Infinity Ball @ HD Beans and Brews Cafe


Afterlife of Cincinnati (cover band featuring Life After This) @ Sam’s Place

The Upset Victory Album Release Show @ Woodward theater

The Nothing / Nightbeast / Tiger Sex / V-Twin Sin @ Madison Live!

Saving Escape @ GABP between Ruth’s & Jefferson Social


The Orphan Poet / Telehope / Daniel In Stereo / You vs Yesterday @ Bogarts


Journey 2 The Center of D’earth Concert / Fundraiser w/ Juju Crow


Local at Live Showcase Ft. Bike Route / Shock Relief / Down One / Ephesus


Break Up Lines / The Linden Method / Off Black / Pilot Around the Stars@ Madison Live!

Record Store Day @ Everybody’s Records w/ Go Go Buffalo, Lemon Sky, Dead Man String Band, Ohio Knife

Off Black / Pilot Around the Stars / The Linden Method / Break Up Lines @ Madison Live!


Lost Coast w/ Motel Faces @ Southgate House Rivival


Motel Faces w/ Blackwater Soul, Mad After Dark, Useless Fox, ims Snowden @ Madison Live!


Mandolin Bridge

Bucko / Salvadore Ross @ Southgate House Revival


The World I knew, Dead in Paradise, Before Sunday, Sacrifice the Sun & Dressed In Disaster open for Famous Last Words & Manafest @ Thompson House


CallMeGhost @ The 86 Club


Pilot Around The Stars @ Southgate House Revival 

Detached / Trials By Faith / Mad Life Crisis @ Madison Live!


Smoke Healer & Moonbow open for DIAMOND HEAD @ Southgate Revival House


Circle It, Daniel In Stereo and Local Waves opening for Vesperteen @ Madison Live!

Founding Fathers @ MOTR Pub



Founding Fathers @ Southgate House

MOTR PUB has local shows 7 nights a week, check their schedule here

Urban Artifact has shows nearly every night

July 1 & 2 EARTH SHOCK 2017 presents Earth Shock IN HAMILTON




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