Welcome to the debut of the Native Noise Nudgecast, a weekly short program promoting each Sunday's Native Noise which runs from 11pm till Midnight on WEBN.  I'm promoting bands on each Sundays show, giving you local concert details on who's playing where in the Natti, special stories how local music is impacting the community AND I'll highlight a local band with music at the end of the podcast.If you would like to suggest a band for me to highlight, if you're in a band and want to send us an EDITED .WAVE file of one of your new songs, email NUDGE@WEBN.COM

Native Noise this Sunday features:

New Haven "Control"

Automatic Evolution "Tonight's Sorrow"

Howard Brothers Band "Go A Li'l Faster"

Scarangella "Unborn"

Break Up Lines "Tragic Heart"

Livid "Fading Away"

Calloused "Grant's Run"

Room For Zero "My Hearts Dream"

Life After This "Train Wreck"

Enabling Cane "Incriminate"

Lying In Ruins "Break Me"

See You In The Funnies "Stay Gone"

Alive Amongst the Dead "Destruction of Bone"

This week our LOCAL SPOTLIGHT shines on LIFE AFTER THIS...

I chose this band for my first local spotlight as all the members have REALLY REALLY helped me start my journey as your host of NATIVE NOISE.  Their lead singer Matt put me in touch with several local acts I hadn't come across as well as local promoters who will now send me shows which involve local bands.

Life After This features Matt F on vocals, Matt J on Drums, Thomas C with guitars & vocals and Ray V on bass.  The band formed in 2013, their music blends aggressive rock n' roll energy w/ melodic harmonies.  The really cool thing about this band was finding out how much they promote local music other than themselves.  I was invited out to a show last week by them to guest spot on their weekly Facebook Live Update.  Each week at 8pm the band goes live to promote Cinci Local music, rattling off show after show.  It's really a cool thing to see them care so much, as Matt F put it "High Ties Raises All Ships."

Another thing I found out about the band is they invest in the community.  I meet their SUPER FAN Mark Ripley at the York Street Cafe show last Friday and he told me just how cool this band treats him.  He meet the band back in August of 2015 while celebrating his birthday at The Thompson House.  Right away they all became close and Mark travels to just about every Life After This show.  He doesn't just take in the show, he helps them load in, set up, tear down and load out.  Mark is a firefighter for New Trenton Volunteer Fire Department.  Each year he participates in the Fight For Air Tower Climb to raise money for the American Lung Association.  He climbs 45 Flights, 804 steps in all, in 150 lbs worth of gear.  This year alone, LAT has raised over $80 to support Mark on his journey and this isn't the first year the bands been behind him.  

Here's lead singer Matt F on how the band meet Mark and how Life After This has stepped up for Mark.  "So as far as how Mark came into our lives is a good story, when we meet he was going through a rough time. He reached out to Thomas for a ticket to one of our shows at Thompson house. It was his birthday, and he just found out the girl he was with and taking care of was cheating on him. He'd never seen us before and came by himself. Thomas saw him and introduced us to the guy whose birthday it was that had never seen us before. We started buying him drinks and hanging out with him and then found out that he just discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him and we couldn't let that be how his birthday went down. So we just did anything we could to make sure he was having a good time and even let him have the remote that ran our fog geysers during our set that we rented. So a guy down on his luck that didn't know anyone at the whole event ended up running the fog machines, getting a bunch of free drinks, and introduced to a whole group of new friends now that he hangs out with all of the time.      He told us that night that he was needing something positive to get into in life and has been coming to our shows to help ever since. We discovered rather quickly just how awesome of a guy he really is. He was the nice guy that is always there doing everything for everyone that just got walked on. He is now a member of 2 different bike clubs that are always doing charity work, and every time I talk to him he's doing something new to help someone. We sponsored him last year in his Carew tower climb and obviously had to do it again this year. Matt F can't make it down this year to physically be there but the rest of the band will be present to cheer him on. "

For more on the Fight For Air Climb going on Sunday February 12th from 9am until 2pm, see their Facebook event page:

It's cool to know that bands give back while they're out there trying to get ahead in the Cinci Rock Scene.  For more on Life After This visit them at and on facebook.LOCAL BANDS PLAYING LOCAL SHOWS:

Friday & Saturday Madison Theater hosts round 2 of the Band Challenge  w/ a ton of local bands.Fri: Alexis Gomez, Resonator, Rose Lamp, The Embodies, The Vims, Wasted Charm, Wicked Peace

Sat: Boxtrot, I.N.Y.A., New Haven, Retro, Soul Butter, The Peonies


Kuber / Kumasi / Season Ten @ Urban Artifact

Saturday:Room For Zero @ Everyboy’s Records 2pm show

roeVy / Ghost Hussy / Datiek @ Urban Artifact

Christian Moerlein Brewing  Co "Super Firkin Saturday" w/ live bands all day.. FREE SHOW


Go Go Buffalo @ MOTR Pub


Fri 2/10:

MOTR Pub has MONA opening up for Toronto band July Talk a band who’s playing Bunburry later this year. 10pm 

Punk Rock Night @ Southgate local’s New third Worlds open up for Hudson Falcons 10pm


Thompson House hosts their 2nd annual Black hearts Ball: This all day festival includes some of the greatest talent in the Tri-State area. Acts include For The Fire , Derailed , Third Person Omega , Clean Slate , Dead in Paradise , Against Icarus , Sacrifice the Sun, Today's Last Tragedy , Carried By Six , and Headlining this year I, Apollo

Various Upcoming Shows:

Fri: 2/17 Thompson House Welcomes Artifas with special LOCAL guest’s Black Cloud Syndrome , Death of a Poet , Against All Odds , and Life After This !!!! Doors are at 7 show is at 8 !! All ageas

2/18 Audible Point / The World I knew / Automatic Evolution / Toybox Killer & Ryan Satzer open for Gemini Syndrome @ tapouts 



March 4th The Grove Presents 2nd annual Rock n’ revival for a Cure @ Southgate House $10

March 25th Third Person Omega opens up for TRAPT @ madison theater, trapt is going all acoustic that evening. (I”m hosting / Travis Collett contact)

March 31st (FRIDAY) Big Ass Rock Show @ Bogarts

RIND / Sever The Ties / Secret Circle Society / Grieving Otis / Dangermonkey / Saving Escape / Lying In Ruins / Highball

MOTR PUB has local shows 7 nights a week, check their schedule here

Urban Articfact has shows nearly everynight

July 1 & 2 EARTH SHOCK 2017 presents Earth Shock IN HAMILTON



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