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How Much Does The Super Bowl Actually Make??

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The Big Game is this weekend, and it's a money making machine. Not just at the game, but everywhere. So how much does the big game generate totally?

When the Super Bowl kicks off this Sunday, a record number of Americans are expected to be watching.

200-million U.S. adults plan to tune in to Super Bowl LVIII (58), which is well over half the country’s population of 335-million. More than half of those fans, 112.2-million, will be watching from a party they host or attend, while another 16-million will be tuning in from a bar or restaurant.

According to the National Retail Federation’s survey of more than 83-hundred adults:

  • Those watching plan to spend an average of $86.04 on food, drinks, decorations and apparel for the Super Bowl.
  • That adds up to an expected total of $17.3-billion, a record high and about a billion more than last year’s game.
  • A whopping 80% of that money will go toward food and drinks and 8% will actually be spent on TVs.
  • Less than half (44%) of fans say the game itself is most important, while 19% say the halftime show is and 18% say commercials are most important.

Another recent Super Bowl survey from Lending Tree finds:

  • This really is the Super Bowl (Taylor’s version), with 31% of Gen Z saying they’ll cheer for the Chiefs because of Swift.
  • More than a third (39%) of Gen Z admit they’re also spending more on football after being influenced by Taylor, mostly by purchasing jerseys, memorabilia and streaming services to watch a game.
  • As for bets, 30% of Americans plan to place a Super Bowl bet this year and 63% of them will cap their wager at less than $100.

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