Ohio City Named The 'Cheapest' Place To Live In The State

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Finding a place to settle down and call home can be influenced by a variety of factors, with price arguably being one of if not the most important variable for many families searching for their forever home. While homes in some major cities come with a higher price tag, there are plenty of nearby towns and suburbs that won't be as hard on your wallet.

According to a list compiled by HomeSnacks, which analyzed census data on home prices, rents and incomes, the cheapest place to live in Ohio is Galion, a small city with a median home price of $144,629, median rent of $762 and median income of $44,458. Here's what the site had to say about the most affordable place to live in the state:

"Galion, Ohio's cheapest city, has a competitive $144,629 average home price and a cost of living index at 76. Located at the junction of Crawford, Morrow, and Richland counties, this city of 10,378 people has an average rent of $762. Galion's blend of low expenses and community events like Oktoberfest offers residents cost-conscious camaraderie."

These are the 10 cheapest places to live in Ohio, according to HomeSnacks:

  1. Galion
  2. Youngstown
  3. Wellston
  4. Cambridge
  5. Shelby
  6. Cleveland
  7. Mansfield
  8. Whitehall
  9. Ashland
  10. Greenville

Read up on the full list of Ohio's cheapest places to live at homesnacks.com. You can also check out our previous coverage of the "cheapest luxury hotel" in the state.

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