Parents Shamed Over Baby Name That Sounds Like A Bodily Function

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When it comes to picking a name for their child, many parents choose to go with one that isn't common. Sometimes their creativity pays off and people love the baby's name, but it seems more often than not, things don't turn out that well. That's what happened to parent's who named their offspring after a fungus, a bacteria, their favorite chain restaurant, something in a bathroom, a dating app, their dog, a serial killer and more, but one mom and dad might have just given them all a run for their money. That's because the name they've chosen for their child is Pheart.

The baby's mother shared a pic of her newborn wearing a shirt that reads "Mischief Maker" and on the photo she revealed the child's name. That pic made its way to one of Reddit's name forums where it has been torn apart. One person wrote, "Come on, this cannot be the kid's name," while another joked, "I cannot figure out how this came to pass," and someone else said, "Little baby fart, such a mischief maker!"

Others had sympathy for the child, saying things like, "That is so cruel. So cruel," and, "OMG I feel so bad cause I know this is a real little human who's going to have to grow up with this name," and, "Think of teachers, nurses, etc."

Some people questioned how the name might be pronounced, explaining it is unlikely the word sounds like "fart" and instead suggesting, "Maybe it's pronounced 'furt' or 'fay-art' or even like 'fair-t'... horrible spelling for any of those pronunciations." Another person chimed in, "It's pronounced Heart. The p is silent," to which one jokester added, "Silent but deadly."

No word on if the child will grow up with the name Pheart or if the parents will decide to switch it after seeing the reactions it's gotten.

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