91-Year-Old Ohio Man Outsmarts Group Of Carjackers

Grumpy old man looks over spectacles, shocked and disapproving

Photo: Getty Images

A 91-year-old Ohio man recently outsmarted a group of carjackers, according to WKBN-News.

The victim was sitting in his vehicle in the parking lot of the Shore Cultural Center in Euclid Sunday afternoon (September 11) waiting for his wife when a man walked up to the car and threatened him. “He says I am going to take your car,” the victim told an officer during an interview captured on police body camera video. “Get out of the car or I am going to shoot you. He said, ‘Get the keys. Throw them on the ground,’ which I did.”

But little did they know, the victim wasn't giving up without a fight.

“They may have thought they had an easy target, but the victim proved them wrong, he was very clever,” Euclid Police Chief Scott Meyer said. “The suspect demanded the key fob. He gave it to them, but what they didn’t know is he had another one in his pocket.”

When the victim got out of the car, he pushed the alarm button on the key fob multiple times. In a security video, the suspect can be seen running away from the car. “If he hadn’t hit that alarm button, there is no doubt they would have taken his car,” Cutright said.

Cutright believes there are three suspects involved and are hoping to get them off the street as soon as possible. If anyone has any information, they should call Euclid Police Detectives or CrimeStoppers of Cuyahoga County at 216-252-7463.

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