Coming To Bookstores Near You, The Truth Behind Life's Biggest Conspiracies

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As conspiracy theories move from the fringes to the mainstream, the hosts of Stuff They Don’t Want You to Know think it's time to focus on the world’s biggest conspiracies and what makes them so appealing in a new book that shares the name of their popular podcast.

Ben Bowlin, Matt Frederick, and Noel Brown have spent more than a decade studying conspiracies no matter how strange, bizarre, or secret. The Atlanta based trio have amassed a following of curious minds and boast seven million podcast downloads per month.

In their new book Ben, Matt, and Noel look at popular conspiracy theories- from chemtrails to surveillance to the Kennedy assassination- and try to understand how and why they spread. With cool heads, curiosity, and extensive research, they break these conspiracies down and separate the kernels of truth from the legitimately bonkers ideas they grow into.

You can preorder this deep dive into the weird world of conspiracies now before it hits the shelves on October 11. As an added bonus, if you preorder a hardcover copy you will have access to a super-secret, special podcast episode that was recorded just for you! 

Simply order from your favorite retailer, fill out the form and upload the receipt. Ben, Matt, and Noel will send you all the details on the special episode when the time arrives. The offer expires on Monday, October 10, while supplies last.  

Want a preview before you order? Check out these excerpts from chapter four (UFOS) and Chapter eight (Secret Societies).

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