Random Rock Nugget: Slim Shady Appears in a KoRn Video (+Metallica Nugget)

Slim Shady makes the most as an extra as he takes his shot on the set of "Got the Life."

Photo: Getty Images

  • A young Marshall Mathers makes an appearance in KoRn’s music video for “Got the Life.” While the real Slim Shady appears only briefly he took his shot while on set as he approached Monkey, introduced himself as a rapper & handed over a demo. Monkey was drunk that night & vaguely remembers the interaction. You can see Eminem at the 4 minute mark though the “recommendation pop ups” completely covers his face. You’ll have to turn off “recommended videos” in your settings first.
    this random rock nugget was discovered thanks to a story from Loudwire.

Side note, while writing today's rock nugget Limp Bizkit's version of "Sanitarium" randomly came on. I completely forgot how hard they rocked the song at Metallica MTV Icon.

side note number two, Rob Trujillo's & Metallica's first non prison appearance in front of a Metallica crowd.

Naturally I have include a third side note as you read "non prison performance." Take a deep dive into Metallica history as the band films the video for "St. Anger" at San Quentin State Prison. After filming the parts needed to make the music video the band performed a full show in front of prisoners who had been selected for their good behavior.

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