GRETA VAN FLEET Interview With Shroom [Watch]

Greta Van Fleet & Shroom

I first saw Greta Van Fleet in August of 2017 at the Madison Live in Cincinnati which only holds a few hundred people at most. In less than 2 years they won a Grammy, played Saturday Night Live, and returned to headline the Bunbury Music Festival. The best part, their quick rise to fame hasn't ruined them and they're still one of the nicest bands I've met.

Greta Van Fleet will be releasing their new album The Battle at Garden's Gate on April 16. Below you can watch my interview with guitarist Jake Kiszka and drummer Danny Wagner. Of course, we talked about their new album, but I also asked them if they plan to get the vaccine? Would they cover a Christmas song and if so what song? Would they eat a cannibal sandwich? That and more in my interview below.

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They'll release a new song in February and another in March before the April release of The Battle at Garden's Gate. Check out the trippy new song and video for Greta Van Fleet's "Age of Machine" below.

You can also watch Greta Van Fleet's recent performance of their song "My Way, Soon" on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

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