Catherine O'Hara Recreated Her Iconic 'Home Alone 2' Fainting Scene

As we enter the holiday season, there's no doubt many households have already started streaming the Home Alone movies on repeat. For many people who grew up watching the misadventures of Kevin McCallister and then went on to binge watch all of Schitt's Creek during quarantine this year, it's been a delight to realize the same actress who played Kate McCallister in Home Alone plays Moira Rose.

While Catherine O'Hara has had a ton of viral moments as her Schitt's Creek character, Home Alone fans have been recreating one pivotal scene from the sequel film Lost In New York since it premiered back in 1992. To kick off the holiday season this year, O'Hara took to TikTok to recreate her iconic fainting scene herself and, unsurprisingly, it's perfect.

The clip shows the 66-year-old actress looking directly into the camera and shrieking “Kevin!” before passing out. In the film, this moment takes place right after Kate McCallister realizes her son has been left behind once again. O'Hara's updated take plays alongside the original scene from the movie, as well, showing Home Alone fans that she's still got it.

All three Home Alone films are currently streaming on DisneyPlus, however, only the first two follow the McCallister family. If you've binged all of Schitt's Creek and need more O'Hara in your life, the first two Home Alone movies are an excellent place to start. After that, there's always Beetlejuice.

Photo: Getty