See Comet NEOWISE & The I.S.S. Tonight!

Tonight we'll be able to see the International Space Station fly over. You'll also still be able to see Comet NEOWISE as it passes earth for the first time in 6,800 years! Below you will find details on both.

First up, the International Space Station flies over Cincinnati starting tonight making several passes in the coming days.

Brightest ISS Passes - date, time, and best direction to look

July 14: 10:00-10:05pm  Face southeast

July 15: 4:30-4:35am Face north

July 15: 10:49-10:54pm Face northwest

July 16: 5:19-5:24am Face southwest

July 16: 10:00-10:06pm Moving SW to NE

A once in a lifetime opportunity to see Comet NEOWISE is currently taking place this month. Look for NEOWISE low in the sky in the northwestern sky after dark this week and in the northeastern sky before sunrise July 15 & 16. Below is a picture I took of Comet NEOWISE while visiting beautiful Adams County this weekend. Click here for more info on how to watch Comet NEOWISE.

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