Esther Perel Helps Ron Burgundy Work On His Relationships

On this episode of The Ron Burgundy Podcast, Ron Burgundy and his co-host Carolina Barlow welcome psychotherapist Esther Perel into the studio to talk about relationships. She definitely knows all about it, having given “about a billion” Ted Talks on the subject. Ron says he has offered to do Ted Talks in the past but keeps getting rejected. Carolina wants to know what topics he suggested. “I told them they could pick the subject and I could get up there and wing it!” he says. “Just spitballing here: Barracudas. Bam. Fish with sharp teeth. Now just give me the headset mic and let me go off.” He’s also trying hard to distract himself from how bad he’s feeling after his breakup with international pop star Sia. Maybe Esther can help with that, too?

Esther tells Ron that originally she was very interested in family systems, “probably the most complex relational system,” but then got more into working with couples thanks to the Bill Clinton impeachment scandal. She became fascinated with the way Americans talk about and learn about sexuality. In many cultures, she says, sexuality is both where the “most archaic...beliefs are rooted” but also where “the most radical changes take place in a society.” Ron tells her about Sia; does she have any advice for people struggling with long-distance relationships? She suggests “marking time differently” than you would with a more traditional relationship, making sure the time between seeing each other “isn’t dead space.” And if he wants to patch things up with Sia, he needs to first be accountable for the things he did wrong, instead of pointing blame. “You have to ask yourself, ‘Do I want to reconnect, or do I want to be right?’” she says. “It’s never difficult to be right, but you will be right and alone.” 

Then Ron confesses that he lost five dollars and assumed that Carolina stole it, so he went through her purse and read some of her erotic poetry. Carolina is very mad at Ron for invading her privacy like that. Fortunately, Esther hosts a podcast called How’s Work? where she focuses specifically on relationships between coworkers. She tries to help them navigate this, asking Ron why he’s so predisposed to suspicion – not only that he was stolen from, but that someone close to him would do it. Ron says it’s just “thrilling to go through someone’s belongings” and that he’s “drawn to the flame of conflict.” Listen to this episode to hear more about how Esther helps them work on their relationship, why Ron feels slighted by Oprah Winfrey, Ron’s Gilmore Girls drinking game (“it’s where you watch Gilmore Girls and drink every time Sia doesn’t call you,” he sobs), and much more on The Ron Burgundy Podcast.

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