Shroom At Metallica HQ Pics & Video

I was at Metallica HQ in San Rafael, CA for their big announcement with Danny Wimmer Presents! Metallica will be playing 2 nights at 5 festivals!! Tickets go on sale Monday! Below is video from the press conference with Lars Ulrich. I was able to ask Lars if there would be a Metallica Marijuana Strain coming soon? You can watch me ask my question and hear Lars response in the video below around the 34 minute marker.

During my incredibly short time in San Francisco I was able to see the Golden Gate Bridge. I actually took my very first Uber ever and crossed the Golden Gate.

I got a glimpse of Alcatraz as well!

I capped the trip off by visiting my first ever marijuana dispensary called Grass Roots. This place had a vibe like an Irish Pub, but instead you got to choose from a ton of different marijuana products including joints and tons of edibles! They had chocolate, gummies, mints, vapes, joints, cookies... it was incredible! I may have left there with an item or two. ;-)

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