Guiding Light Mentoring Program Celebration

2nd Annual Guiding Light Mentoring Program Celebration

October 13, 2018

Kennedy Heights Arts Center, Lindner Event Center

6620 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45213

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Guiding Light is a mentoring organization dedicated to serving youth ages 8-18 in the Greater Cincinnati area by providing positive role models, teaching relationship skills, and developing moral character. 

Our objective is simple, yet impactful. We connect people with specific skills, experience, and knowledge with young people who are hungry for encouragement and guidance. Crucial to the success of this mentoring organization, are mentors who care about our youth and have a mutual respect by all involved - youth and adults. 

There are many benefits of mentor organizations for both the mentors and the mentees. Youth in mentoring programs have experienced increases in: 

  • Self-esteem levels 

  • Regard for others (peers and adults) 

  • Ability to maintain satisfactory relationships with other adults and authority figures 

  • Decision-making ability in the career-choice process 


Guiding Light Mentoring is committed to supporting young people and making an impact in their lives. 

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