Harley-Davidson: The Next Generation


Harley-Davidson will be debuting the LiveWire - their first electric bike in 2019. It's good looking and they've got new things coming over the next few years. I'm all for them designing a new generation of bikes. 

I've ridden a Harley-Davidson 1994 Sportster for 13 years now. It's a fast, light bike for racing of course - but it gets me around the city just fine. I don't have the time for the long day road trips, otherwise I'd have a bigger bike. My ass wishes I'd upgrade. But I'm happy on my sporty, taking the scenic route always (hate getting on 71 or 75). Since I moved here last year, I've not taken the time to ride across the river and enjoy those Kentucky roads, but that's up this season! 

Look twice, save a life and ride safe! 


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