Shroom Test Drives A 2019 Ram From Lebanon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of test driving the 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie Sport 4x4 from Lebanon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram. It now has me dreaming of the days I have one of my own, while pulling a camper. You won't have any problem towing either with its max tow of 12,500 pounds! 

First thing I noticed about this 2019 Ram Laramie Sport 4x4 was the aggressive looking front end. It gives off an appearance similar to a Ram Rebel. The tailgate weight has been greatly reduced also! As you can see in the video above my scrawny arm was able to lift it with ease! They shaved off 225 pounds on the 2019 Ram 1500 Laramie! I love the paint color also. It's black with that pearl sparkle to it. 

The inside of this Ram is jaw dropping. It's got suede and leather heated and cooled memory seats. There's nothing like feeling that cool air blowing on your bottom and back on a hot summer day! I even use the heated seats year round also. It's got an 8.4 inch display with an available 12 inch display! Parking this beast was easy thanks to the review back up camera and the sensors on the front of the vehicle too. You can also get a surround view camera for even easier parking! The adjustable gas and brake pedals also make this large vehicle easy for anybody to drive.

Driving the Ram was an absolute pleasure. I felt like king of the road! You can drive it in 2 wheel mode if you want... but why do that when you got 4x4! The 4x4 auto mode is by far my favorite way to drive this truck. I never had any worry about not being able to get up and go. If I'm buying this truck I'm not worried about gas, however, it does get exceptional gas mileage with its 5.7L Hemi of 21mpg highway 17mpg combined. 

Night driving on my way home from Shroom's Backyard Boom presented by Hollywood Casino was my favorite time driving this 2019 Ram Laramie Sport. The curvy back country roads really gave me a feel for how it handles the road. Let's just say it's like a magnet to the road! The LED lighting also made it incredibly easy to see on the dark country roads! Unfortunately, it didn't help the raccoon who ran out in front of me see me coming. That poor raccoon didn't stand a chance and I gritted my teeth as I had to helplessly run it over. :-( R.I.P.

For more on this 2019 Ram Laramie Sport 4x4 watch the video above and be sure to test drive one yourself at Lebanon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and be entered to win a Ram truck! I've got two vehicles from Lebanon Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram and absolutely love this family owned dealership! It's got that small town personal feel with exceptional service. 

Below is a picture of my Dodge Challenger R/T Shaker in front of the radio station where I began my career 22 years ago in Celina, Ohio. I'll never forget the very first time I entered this radio station. It gives me the chills every time I think about it.

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