Live from Rock on the Range Saturday

Hello from Rock on the Range and specifically from the media tent located to the far right as you head to the Bud Light Stage.  It's always a chaotic fun weekend having rock stars thrown your way which you can't remember faces to instruments.  I'm horrid at that game w/ my memory.   Speaking of horrid, how about the seats in this place.  Shall we take bets if my 400lb fat can be held on these things?  It's a balancing and weight shifting act here.

Rock on the Range

So only time will tell if I'm able to spread the wealth around so to say.  One of the best parts of the weekend is when us Rangers come together as a community, gather on the black top and proceed to rock before the range.  Organizers of MASSIVE TAILGATING need mad props, the second annual Massive Tailgate was a crazy success despite the rain.  These people collect funds leading up to the festival, hire a band, buy booze, buy meats and all sorts of food and then give it all away for free.  Unfortunately just as the band got underway the cops shut the party down as the lightning struck and the rains came.  Luckily I hear the band were able to keep their equipment from too much damage.   

Randomly the boys from Bullet For My Valentine stopped by and surprised me.  They will be releasing a new album soon, they'll hit Europe and then swing back through the states for a headlining run in smaller 1k venues.  If you haven't seen these guys live you defiantly need to.  

Day 1 was amazing.  The rain held off and it overall wasn't a bad weather day.  I still ended up burned even w/ the overcast (duh).  I didn't do much work so I got to just walk the festival and take in the sounds.  I was blown away by Breaking Benjamin.  Ben looked happy to be up on stage and really put on a solid performance.  Our hometown drummer Shaun Foist was on point, it's really fun to see someone who worked his ASS off playing music in Cincinnati to achieving his dreams of playing professionally.  

Wish you were here with us, I mean it!  

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