Bad Wolves "Disobey" Review

As the opening of the album says, “Pull the trigger on this thing & let’s go.”  Hitting play on Bad Wolves' “Disobey” my mind connects their sound as a mix of Hatebreed and the 2000s nu-rock staple formula.  You’ll come to find the sound of the band is all over the place.  You’ve got themes of hardcore, mainstream & nu-rock. The album contains an overload of cuss words, which doesn’t bother me one bit yet that’ll translate to heavily edited radio singles.  

After 3 bangers the album slams on the brakes and we’re hit w/ the epic cover of “Zombie.”  I feel this song would have fit better in the back half of the album.  With the untimely death of The Cranberries lead singer Dolores O'Riordan, this cover gained national attention and helped put the band on the map.  On the day of her death she was supposed to lay down some vocals for the track.  I really feel “Zombie” will be the “Sound of Silence” for 2018.

After “Zombie” the band cranks back up the energy a bit with another potential radio single.  “Remember When.” This track follows the formula heavily used by Five Finger Death Punch.  “Jesus Slaves” is not one I enjoyed as a believer.  I don’t mind evil music, however it’s over the top telling the story of a failed savior and believers being slaves.  Over and over Bad Wolves throws it in our faces that we’re Jesus SLAVES.  Doesn’t leave a good emotion in me when it’s repeated so much.  Looking at Bad Wolves setlist I’m happy to see it’s not part of their live show.

“Hear Me Now” is another one that feels like a mainstream song.  I really hope this band is one to bring us back to that 00 era.  I miss that genre of music.  The album finishes out well, making “Disobey” one you’ll end up listening to all the way through.  I feel this band will go far promoting the record on the road with a strong second and possibly third radio single to come.  I give this album an 8 outta 10 rating.  How did you enjoy the album?

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