Record Store Day: Things I want, and the full list

I was all pumped for Record Store Day this year, CLICK HERE for the full list of 2018 releases. However I was battling a horrible head cold and didn't make it out. So this week, I'm on the hunt to see what I can find in the leftovers. Below is a list of what I"m looking for and in parenthesis are the total number of items made. 

AC/DC - Back in Black on cassette! (what's old is new again, all kinds of cassette releases!) I still have a cassette player and have most of mine from growing up. (2,500)

Prince - 1999 - it was the first Prince I owned (and still love it to this day). Although back then, it was on cassette. (5,300) 

Cheech & Chong: Up In Smoke 40th Anniversary 7" vinyl with a new version of the classic track. Smoke up dude! (4,000)

Gary Clark Jr. with Junkie XL covering The Beatles' "Come Together" for Justice League. Let's all be honest and just say this track was by far the best thing about that film. Love it. (4000)

The Rolling Stones - Their Satanic Majesties Request - a reissue of the most recent remaster with that psychedelic cover and splattered vinyl. Not many "hits" on this one, but smoke up, tune in and go far out! (3,500) 

The Doors "The Matrix Part II" - a sequel to last year's Part 1 - from a club in San Francisco, 1967. (5,800)

Whitesnake (1987) self-titled - Picture disc 30th Anniversary remaster. (2,300) 

Planet Terror Original Motion Picture Soundtrack - the soundtrack to the 1st film in the Quentin Tarantino-Robert Rodriquez double feature "Grindhouse". Any Quentin Tarantino soundtrack is a must-have! (2,000) 

Led Zeppelin "Friends/Rock and Roll" - their first ever release for Record Store Day. The limited edition 7-inch single is produced by Jimmy Page and pressed on yellow vinyl. The single will feature two previously unheard studio mixes, handpicked by Page to appear on the release: the “Sunset Sound Mix” of “Rock And Roll” b/w the “Olympic Studios Mix” of “Friends.”The previously unreleased version of “Rock And Roll” provides an additional peak into the fabled “Sunset Sound Mixes” of Led Zeppelin IV. Only two previous “Sunset Sound Mixes” have been released, the first being the well-known version of “When The Levee Breaks” on the original album and the second the “Stairway To Heaven” mix that debuted on 2014 companion disc in the deluxe edition. The previously unheard “Olympic Studios Mix” of “Friends” is a stripped-down version, without the orchestration of the final mix.

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