Primus @ Taft Theatre

Primus: The Ambushing The Storm Tour rocks Taft Theatre on Friday, November 3 at 8PM. Doors open at 7pm. Tickets are on sale now starting at $37. Click here to purchase

The new Primus album The Desaturating Seven, is now available. The Desaturating Seven is the first studio album of original material since 1995’s Tales From The Punchbowl with the classic Primus line-up of Les Claypool (vocals, bass), Larry LaLonde (guitar) and Tim Alexander (drums). Order The Desaturating Seven HERE.

This fall Primus’s Ambushing the Storm Tour will feature a complete performance of the new record—a show with a set of Primus material and then “an entire set of Goblin Rock, with full production and fancy eye candy.”

For more info, visit Primusville!

Primus: Ambushing the Storm Tour

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