Cops Taser Pregnant 17-Year-Old Girl After She Demanded A Warrant To Enter Her Apartment!

This is absolutely insane. The footage below is going viral as it appears to show a pregnant teenage girl being tased by police officers. 

 According to iFreeTV on Youtube:

New York City police officers tasered a pregnant 17-year-old girl after she refused to let them inside her apartment without a warrant Friday night.NYPD cops were already in the building when they made their way upstairs to the fourth floor in response to a fight between the girl’s boyfriend and her sister’s boyfriend over a video game.

The girl’s boyfriend had already left the apartment, but the girl, Dailene Rosario, who is 14 weeks pregnant, remained inside, arguing with her sister’s boyfriend when several cops banged on the apartment door.

Rosario refused to let them inside without a warrant, so they called for backup.At one point, she told the cops she needed to step outside for fresh air, which was when they grabbed her arms and tried to arrest her.

A video recorded by a witness shows more than a dozen cops grabbing her, twisting her arms behind her as she tells them to “get off me.”A plainclothes cop wearing a New York Jets ski cap tasers her seconds later.

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